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                Home > About HNIT > Introduction


                About HNIT

                Hunan Institute of Technology(HNIT) was built in 1975.It is a full-time public application-oriented university. The campus covers an area of 93 hectares. At present, there are around 19,000 students and around 1100 staff and 33 undergraduate programs within the framework of nine schools:

                ? School of Mechanical Engineering

                ? School of Electrical and Information Engineering

                ? School of Computer and Information Science

                ? School of Architectural Engineering and Artistic Design

                ? School of Safety and Environmental Engineering

                ? School of Material Science and Chemical Engineering

                ? School of Economics and Management

                ? School of International Studies

                ? School of Continuing Education

                Hunan Institute of Technology is based in the important industrial city in south-central China:Hengyang. With its advantageous geographical location, the city is a major transportation hub. The campus is only five kilometers from Beijing-Hong kong-Macao expressway and two kilometers from the high speed railway station. Moreover, Nanyue Airport is easy to reach, at a distance of around 20 kilometers. With convenient transport connections,it takes only 2 hours by high speed train to arrive at Guangzhou , the southern China's financial centre, 30 minutes to reach the capital city of Hunan , Changsha , and 20 minutes by car to reach the Hengshan Mountain scenic area. Also there are plenty of scenic roads leading to train stations, stores, supermarkets and hospitals.

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