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                Home > International > Cooperation Modes

                Cooperation Modes

                • Ⅰ . Student Exchange

                  1. Students exchange in mutually agreed discipline(s) for a period ranging from 1month to 1 year;

                  2. The students pay tuition in their home university and the hosting side waives tuition;

                  3. The students pay for their international travel, lodging, living expenses and insurance;

                  4. Both sides recognize the credits that the exchange students get on each other's campus.

                • II. Faculty Exchange

                  1. Faculty exchange in mutually agreed discipline(s) for a period ranging from 1month to 1 year;

                  2. Exchange faculty members pay for their international travel and the hosting side offers lodging and living expenses etc., to be arranged according to specific programs;

                • III. Joint Education Programs

                  1. Mutual recognition and transference of credits;

                  2. Forms: "2+2" and "3+1"for undergraduate students;

                  3. Diploma and Degree: dual diploma and degree if requirements of both sides are satisfied.

                • IV. Joint Research

                  Professors of both sides collaborate in relevant disciplines and programs and jointly apply for national and international programs and funding.

                • V. Others

                  Other programs or projects of common interest are to be arranged within the framework of cooperative agreements and to be agreed upon through discussions.

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