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                Home > International > Foreign Teachers

                Foreign Teachers

                • Ⅰ .Recruitment of Foreign Teachers

                  Long –term Foreign Teachers Recruiting Plan

                  1. Vacancies: 8

                  2. Gender: F/M

                  3. Workload: 16-20 teaching hours per week

                  4. Contract period: 1 year (10 months from September 1 to June 30) with option for renewal

                  5. Courses to Teach: Conversational English, Oral English, English Reading and Writing, British and American Literature, Business English

                  6. Salary and Welfare:

                  7. Monthly Salary: Starting at 4500 RMB/month and higher

                  a. Health insurance

                  b. Free furnished accommodation with basic facilities like air-conditioning, TV, bathroom, kitchen room, furniture, bedding etc.

                  c. Flight Allowance: Up to RMB 8000/year

                  d. Travel Allowance: RMB 2000 /year

                  e. 4 Weeks paid holiday with payment for a one-year contract

                  f. Nationality: USA , UK , Australian, Canada , New Zealand , Ireland

                  g. Medical care (insurance): to see school doctor 100% paid by us; to be in the hospital covered by health insurance

                  8. Visa and resident permit processing expenses paid in China (medical expenses not included)

                  9. Qualifications Required:

                  a. Bachelor's degree or above or Teaching Certificate or TEFL Certificate (optional)

                  b. Be speakers of English as their native language; citizens from one of the following countries: USA , Canada , Australia or UK

                  c. Have a minimum (2) years of experience teaching ESL/EFL or English

                  d. Age: below 60

                  10. Contact:

                  Contact person: Wang Qi, Coordinator

                  Tel: +86-734-3452399

                  Fax: +86-731-3452004

                  Email: 370305785@qq.com

                  Address: International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Hunan Institute of Technology, Henghua Road 18,Zhuhui District, Hengyang , Hunan 421002, P. R. China


                  Foreign Teachers Management

                  Foreign Teachers' Apartments

                  The foreign teachers' apartments are comfortable and clean. They come fully furnished, including a bed, couch, washing machine and refrigerator. The apartments also come with cable television, air conditioners, and broadband internet access. Each teacher has his their own stove, sink, microwave and counter space. The bathroom facilities are private, clean and western. There is 24-hour security

                • Lecture Course

                  Class sizes are small. Depending on the course, the number of students in a classroom may range from fifteen to fifty. Some teachers are also asked to deliver a larger lecture course on foreign culture or history. There are many multimedia rooms, LCD projectors and listening labs.

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